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Mortgage Renewal

Easily save thousands of dollars on your mortgage renewal with Toronto’s best mortgage brokers!

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When you have finished your mortgage term with your current financial institution, it is essential to shop around before automatically signing their friendly mortgage renewal form, as the renewal offer can often be much higher than the going rate. To avoid these hikes in interest rates or less favourable terms, obtaining the help of a GTA Mortgage Agent can be advantageous for many reasons. Dream Key Mortgage offers our clients access to over 100 different lenders, all the while, leveraging our negotiation skills to protect your best interest and ensure you are getting the best rate and terms possible.

While all our clients benefit from more options and subsequently, access to some of the best interest rate offers on the market, when transferring your mortgage with a Dream Key Agent, you can expect to save on such items as registration fees, lawyer fees, and appraisal fees. When you combine these savings with a highly competitive interest rate, you’re able to cut the cost of your mortgage renewal substantially; this could mean savings of up to half of a percent per year! Half of a percent can equate to thousands of dollars in savings, money that could be used for other means such as home improvements or fall-back savings for “a rainy day”.

Alternatively, you can turn your interest saving into supplemental payments or instalments toward other obligations. It’s time to start thinking smart about your finances and ensure you see the bigger picture when it comes to your renewal options. Kick-start your interest savings today with Dream Key Mortgage. Your future net worth will be glad you did.

Let us know when your mortgage is up for renewal, and we’ll email you a reminder 120 days before, along with the best mortgage rates and products.

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Five 5 Gold stars for best mortgage brokers toronto - dream key

“Stewart has been an essential part of my business for quite some time. Whether my clients need an approval in a difficult situation or looking to use equity for home renovations, these guys take care of it all! Myself being a realtor and an owner of a contracting company my clients are always in need of financial guidance. The Dream Key team not only finds the right solutions but they are extremely easy to work with while keeping me in the loop at all times. They even helped me with my own purchase!”

Anna K.  |  Owner, AK Solution

Five 5 Gold stars for best mortgage brokers toronto - dream key

“I recently had my mortgage arranged with Dream Key Mortgage. Mark Barykin was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. Mark has taken care of all the paperwork and was able to secure a very good rate for me. It was nice to have it taken care of completely stress free and took a lot of pressure of me in this sometimes hectic transaction! I would recommend Dream Key Mortgage to anyone who needs their mortgage done quickly and painlessly! Thank you Mark!”

Tatiana R.  |  Recent Client

Five 5 Gold stars for best mortgage brokers toronto - dream key

“I want to thank Stewart from Dream Key Mortgage. I literally got the mortgage approved in less than 24 hours. He requested the required documents, submitted and that’s it got the mortgage approved at the best rate in town. I highly recommend all to get your mortgage done from him. Thank you Stewart once again. He is always there to help !! Which most agents don’t do. Good luck and all the best!!!”

Jayesh N.  |  Recent Client

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