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Refinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing built-up equity can open a lot of opportunities to expand your financial horizons

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In addition to traditional mortgage solutions for home buyers, Dream Key also specializes in the refinancing of existing mortgages to ensure you continue to receive the best terms possible to achieve your financial goals.

Although many might refinance to secure a lower interest rate or reset a monthly budget, too few consider the benefits of refinancing their mortgage when trying to recoup the losses associated with unsubstantial unsecured debt.

Reduce Your Debt

Dream Key Mortgage can help you with your overall monthly debt obligation with refinancing, by consolidating your current unsecured borrowing and debt load under one roof to cut the total amount of interest tied to each debt. This type of consolidation can help you achieve a significantly lower total monthly payment by allowing you to bundle all your debts into one easy monthly instalment, while only marginally increasing your mortgage payment. In some cases, your new mortgage payment could be even lower compared to your original agreement. This will open up more available income to put toward the things that really matter.

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Maximize Your Buying Power with Secured Loans

If you are interested in minimizing your cost of living to maximize your buying power, Dream Key Mortgage is here to help. Refinancing your mortgage is also a great way to gain access to more money while avoiding high-interest rates, as this type of lending is considered a secured loan. A secured loan is one of the best and cheapest ways to borrow in the Canadian Banking Market, as it allows you to retain a higher borrowing amount at a lower interest rate because you are backed by the security of your assets while considering your built-up equity.

With rapidly rising prices in the Toronto / GTA housing market, built-up equity can open a lot of opportunities to expand your financial horizons. Using your available equity and minimizing the cost of borrowing is an excellent solution to those looking to make another significant purchase or to refinance their property.

As an example, interest on an average car loan from the Bank or any other major Financial Institution can vary from 7-10% annually; however, by refinancing your mortgage and amalgamating these payments, your interest will be significantly less.

Financial Goals

Even if you are financially sound but want to get closer to your retirement goals, traditional saving accounts such as pension funds and RRSP’s are not going to provide the same sufficient return. That is why more and more Canadians are taking the avenue of investments and the stock market to diversify their investment portfolio with the most proven sound investment being Real Estate. Have you ever thought about owning properties and using them as your retirement income? Dream Key Mortgage wants to make that possible for you! We’d love to grab a coffee to discuss the benefits and explore your opportunities of refinancing your mortgage in order to get you closer to achieving your long-term financial goals. Get in touch with us today to book a time with our team. We’d love to chat!

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“Stewart has been an essential part of my business for quite some time. Whether my clients need an approval in a difficult situation or looking to use equity for home renovations, these guys take care of it all! Myself being a realtor and an owner of a contracting company my clients are always in need of financial guidance. The Dream Key team not only finds the right solutions but they are extremely easy to work with while keeping me in the loop at all times. They even helped me with my own purchase!”

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Five 5 Gold stars for best mortgage brokers toronto - dream key

“I recently had my mortgage arranged with Dream Key Mortgage. Mark Barykin was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. Mark has taken care of all the paperwork and was able to secure a very good rate for me. It was nice to have it taken care of completely stress free and took a lot of pressure of me in this sometimes hectic transaction! I would recommend Dream Key Mortgage to anyone who needs their mortgage done quickly and painlessly! Thank you Mark!”

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Five 5 Gold stars for best mortgage brokers toronto - dream key

“I want to thank Stewart from Dream Key Mortgage. I literally got the mortgage approved in less than 24 hours. He requested the required documents, submitted and that’s it got the mortgage approved at the best rate in town. I highly recommend all to get your mortgage done from him. Thank you Stewart once again. He is always there to help !! Which most agents don’t do. Good luck and all the best!!!”

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