Purchasing Your Home

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Purchasing a home is one of the largest, most important financial transactions you will ever make in your lifetime. Whether you’re new to the market or buying your second or third property, acquiring the right mortgage product while understanding the details is very important. Dream Key Mortgage will help you understand that process and place you in the most favourable position possible to seamlessly attain your goals of homeownership.

  • Obtaining Your Mortgage Pre-approval

  • Working with the Right Real Estate Agent

  • Selecting the Right Product for You

  • Introduction to a Real Estate Lawyer

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Refinancing Your Mortgage

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Dream Key Mortgage can help you with your overall monthly debt obligation with refinancing, by consolidating your current unsecured borrowing and debt load under one roof to cut the total amount of interest tied to each debt. This type of consolidation can help you achieve a significantly lower total monthly payment by allowing you to bundle all your debts into one easy monthly instalment, while only marginally increasing your mortgage payment. In some cases, your new mortgage payment could be even lower compared to your original agreement. This will open up more available income to put toward the things that really matter.

  • Receive the best terms possible

  • Secure a lower interest rate

  • Reduce your monthly debt obligations

  • Leverage your equity to purchase more real estate

  • Reach your financial goals

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Renew Your Mortgage

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Easily save thousands of dollars on your mortgage renewal with Toronto’s best mortgage brokers! When you have finished your mortgage term with your current financial institution, it is essential to shop around before automatically signing their friendly mortgage renewal form, as the renewal offer can often be much higher than the going rate. Dream Key Mortgage offers our clients access to over 100 different lenders, all the while, leveraging our negotiation skills to protect your best interest and ensure you are getting the best rate and terms possible.

  • Avoid hikes in interest rates

  • Save thousands of dollars

  • Access 100’s of different lenders through us

  • Save big on registration, lawyer and appraisal fees

  • Sign up for our renewal reminder!

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REMAX – 2018 Home ownership Statistics


Of Canadians renters are between the ages of 18 – 34


Of the same demographic are looking to buy in the next 5 year


Of married couple are home owners due to combined income

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Prior to contacting a realtor and before looking for properties, the first thing you should do is to get a Mortgage Pre-Approval. Once you know your home buying price range, you can efficiently start your search.