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At Dream Key Mortgage, we understand that each individual is uniquely different, and applying single lending solutions across the board is simply ineffective. Instead, we take the time to understand your distinct level of experience with mortgages and ownership and follow a thoughtful approach to curate a customized mortgage solution that considers both your long and short-term financial goals.

Dream Key Mortgage is a family orientated company who believes that loyalty, trust and accountability are the key attributes for a long-lasting relationship. We cater to all demographics in the Greater Toronto Area and whether you’re a first-time home buyer, an experienced investor, or someone in between, our customized process ensures all your specific needs are met. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in remaining objective and use our tools and experience to provide sound advice with each step of the way.

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Should I Get a Mortgage Broker?

The process of attaining a mortgage may appear to be relatively straightforward; however, with ever-changing rates and regulations, there are hundreds of variables in today’s lending landscape that can make the mortgage process quite complex; but, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’re committed to putting our skills and experience to work for you, bringing our wealth of knowledge and passion for our craft to exacting the mortgage approval process. Specializing in mortgage lending products including home purchases, refinances, mortgage renewals, construction mortgages, and equity line of credits, we’re here to ensure our clients seamlessly navigate through the process with confidence.

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We cater to all demographics in the Greater Toronto Area and whether you’re a first-time home buyer, an experienced investor, or someone in between, our customized process ensures all your specific needs are met.

Mortgage Brokers vs Banks in Canada

We’ve created a powerful network that includes connections with some of the top leading professionals in the real-estate industry to build your one-stop shop experience. Finding the right mortgage is a collaborative effort, and each member of your team plays an important role. Let us put you in front of the right people, so you are in the best hands, every step of the way.

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Private Mortgage Lenders in Toronto

We strive to ensure our clients have access to premium rates and mortgage services from a wide range of lenders, including major banks and lending institutions who are best positioned to meet the requirements specific to your needs. By empowering you with information to adequately assess your goals, our counsel and direction will illuminate the pathway that’s right for you, while helping you build the blueprint that fits your financial future.


2019 Home ownership Statistics

of Canadians renters are between the ages of 18 – 34
of the same demographic are looking to buy in the next 5 years
of married couples are home owners due to combined income
of people surveyed knew about the new OSFI rules implemented January 1, 2018.

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Prior to contacting a realtor and before looking for properties, the first thing you should do is to get a Mortgage Pre-Approval. Once you know your home buying price range, you can efficiently start your search.